Aqua Jet


Introducing the Aqua Jet, a shampooer attachment perfect for swiftly addressing stains around the size of a large pizza. Effortlessly target and clean localized spots on carpets or upholstery, ensuring a pristine finish with ease.

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The Aqua Jet stands out as a specialized shampooer attachment meticulously crafted to provide precise and effective cleaning for spots comparable in size to a large pizza. This innovative attachment is engineered to swiftly and efficiently address localized stains or spills on carpets and upholstery, offering a tailored approach to tackle these specific areas with finesse.

Equipped with powerful technology and a targeted cleansing mechanism, the Aqua Jet ensures that stubborn spots become a thing of the past. Its design enables you to focus on individual stains, providing a deep and thorough clean without compromising the surrounding areas. This precision in cleaning allows for a more targeted treatment, leaving your carpets and upholstery looking refreshed and revitalized.

By harnessing the Aqua Jet’s capabilities, you’ll effortlessly achieve a higher standard of cleanliness, maintaining the pristine condition of your living spaces. Revolutionize your cleaning routine and bid farewell to tough spots as the Aqua Jet becomes your trusted solution for localized cleaning needs, making every cleaning session more effective and hassle-free.